Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Exotic Eating....

     We were picking up some groceries at the local supermarket a couple of weeks ago, when V noticed some interesting fruit nestled among the monotony of apples, oranges, and pears. We decided to pick up a couple of exotic-like fruit that we had never seen before, simply for the fun of it. The first one that stood out, looked like an orange albeit with a little stem sticking out at the top, and with hard plastic like skin. The second one we purchased (but haven't eaten yet) looks a like a distant cousin (of the third or fourth variety) of a tomatoe and a chili pepper.

     After having brought these amazing looking fruits home, we turned to the first thing that anyone would when looking for information, google. After a search of a couple of minutes we were able to deduce that the orange-like fruit is known as a Sweet Granadilla(much like a Passion Fruit) while the tomatoe's distant cousin is rather a tamarillo or tree tomatoe.

     After having sat in the fridge for a couple of days we finally decided to open up the sweet granadilla (prior to knowing it was a sweet fruit) and proceed to eat it. It was tough at first to cut open, but soon gave in the smooth blade of the knife, revealing a gooey green slimey clump of little seeds (we didn't have any immediate takers, surprising...). After having examined what was before us, I decided to take the plunge at give it a try. It first felt somewhat like jello, but tasted like a bit like a kiwi. The seeds within the gooey goodness were crunchy much like those found within a pomegranate. We passed the sweet granadilla around the table and scooped the crunchy mush out with a spoon until it was all gone. In the words of Maxwell House Coffee, it was good to the last "metaphorical" drop. An interesting experience to say the least.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

We are back...

So it has been a while. We miss our blog...Our lives have been a little all over the place, and even though there have been many so called 'impromptu' moments to write about the opportunity to do so never presented itself.
So here we are...with a few moments to spare, sitting together and collaboratively reliving the last month, so that the things we did get their fair share of recognition.
Posts to come:
1) Miami
2) Exotic Eating
3) Miniaturist Art
4) Recent Finds and Acquisitions
5) Things children say...
6) Some more graffiti
7) Montreal's winter
... if we are really good then all this will be up before we hit Feb...because if all goes well and according to plan then February's posts will be written from across the ocean...

T + V