Thursday, October 27, 2011

Helpful tips for your next dental appointment...

So I am sitting at home...first day of somewhat silence in the last week. The only thing I hear now is the Solo dog snoring under my feet and the little brother frantically clicking away on his new lap top.
Other than that, the house is silent...Now the reason I am sitting at home is simply because I just spent the last hour of my life with vibrating metal drills in my mouth...

The dentist, I know I don't like going, but it is one of those pains that I tend to forget, perhaps because it's not so much pain as it is incredible discomfort and weirdly invasive...

I spent an hour laying down with weird little drills making the wildest noises while attacking my poor teeth, who I am sure had NO IDEA what was coming for them...
So here are 5 things that I noticed today that I will write down in order to be able to read and prep myself for my next visit...and yes there is a next visit...:(

1) Do not spend any time on make-up before going to the dentist because you will end with weird coloured residue all over your cheeks and lips and whipping it off in the bathroom while your face is frozen is both unpleasant and ruins your makeup.

2) If your a glasses wearer like myself....take off your glasses because in addition to the discomfort that is happening in your mouth, it will also look like it is raining.

3) Ignore your dentist when he/she asks you a question while their hands and what appears to be whole head is inside your mouth. Not only do they not care about your answer, it will also come out sounding like something out of a zombie horror movie and you will be asked to 'please NOT move your tongue"...I might be the only one who knows this...but its SUPER hard to speak without moving your tongue.

4) Do not take off your sweater, even though it might initially be quite warm, when the drilling commences and your body automatically gets covered with goosebumps, you are going to look longingly at your sweater hanging up right in front of you and wish desperately to have it on.

5) Do not attempt to drink, eat or talk after getting a will end up spilling everything on yourself, be disappointed by the fact that the tea that you just made and REALLY want is something that you cant have, and just look altogether unapproachable for anyone to really want to talk to you...

If anyone has any other helpful tips to remember when embarking on a dentist adventure please do share...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Impromptu favorite

So T, being an AMAZING thrift shopper...and by amazing I mean he has a huge amount of patience, a great eye and is super practical...brought me home a little unexpected, but very much appreciated 'sac a dos' coupled with a beautiful book. 

The booties were added due to a gift card found in my wallet!!! It must have been in there for at least 3 years...


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Works

This is where it all comes together.
Check the post on my recent acquisitions to see where
most of my items are from.

  • H&M Jeans
  • Calvin Klein Bag
  • Gap Leather Jacket and Scarf


    Recent Aquisitions

    After having acquired a few interesting pieces recently, I decided to share them, mainly to induce jealously, to help inject some fashion into the blog.

    Starting clockwise from the top we begin with a grey, 100% wool sweater, branded West Coast. This item was found at a local thrift store.

    My brown leather boots have quickly become a staple of my wardrobe, staking their claim as my signature piece. They were found in decent condition (the heels needed replacing), at another local thrift shop.

    The iPhone 4S needs little introduction. I picked up this bad-boy on the second day it launched. Needless to say, that it's nice to be using an iPhone again!

    Finally, I have begun to notice hats that never quite garnered my attention. The brown one was purchased at Zara, while the grey one was found at local discount chain.


    Crazy, stupid, and most of all lovely

    Crazy Stu: Go watch it
    So we took the plunge, upon receiving some encouragement from our faithful followers (and after having stumbled upon a fantastic review), and decided to watch the film aptly entitled Crazy, Stupid, Love (further referred to as Crazy Stu, influenced by the movie ticket on the right).

    After having viewed the movie (in its entirety) I can safely say that it is entertaining and worth watching. Whether or not it's worth it to spend 10-15$ on a ticket to watch it is entirely up to you.

    Finally I have to give my praise and definite approval on how the two main male characters were dressed throughout the movie, as well as the quasi-wife.


    Monday, October 17, 2011

    Just a little something on repeat...

    All her songs are pretty awesome...Her newest single "Video Games" was released Oct. 11, 2011.


    The other day I heard a song that I loved and could not for the life of me remember who the artist was. So of course I had to ask the waiter, who, while giving me the "Gaaad your not cool enough, I can't believe you don't know who this is look", said Citizen Cope. I am once in again love with every one of his songs... So thank you waiter boy.
                                                          PABLO PICASSO.


    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    Crazy Stupid Love.....pretty much

    When looking through a list of current movies on a Montreal cinema website, we stumbled across an unquestionable masterpiece so cleverly titled "Crazy Stupid Love". We hadn't heard much regarding the movie, therefore we decided to read some reviews to help sway our decision. One review in particular helped to cement our decision not to go see it:

    "I pretty much like it. Not the best movie in my life, but I had a great time."
    nudo_abc@ - first review
    10.9.2011 - age: 26-35
    Here's the trailer, we pretty much liked it, but clearly not enough to actually go see the movie. Consequently, we hope you have a great time.


    Back home...

    Our weekend was...warm, cozy, colorful. Time moves at a different pace when one is surrounded by nature, separated from technology and given time to breathe.


    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Not so impromptu cottage getaway...

    Its a long weekend, the weather network promises Saturday to be 23 and we are off to the cottage...
    Hopefully the leaves will be in full fall bloom. My favorite time of the year. Cozy sweaters, big socks, fire places, bright mornings and chilly nights. ahhh...cant wait.

    I guess since every other post has had pics, here is a shot of a few items that we will be bringing...

                                                                       cozzyy sweaterzz...

     I don't travel without this game....
                                               T doesn't travel without spray paint....

    Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend + Happy Thanksgiving.


    Thursday, October 6, 2011

    Montreal's Graffiti Epidemic

     An article featured in Wednesday's Montreal Gazette described Montreal's Graffiti problem as an "epidemic". Although I will agree that there seems to be an underlying lack of respect (on the part of some taggers), for the most part graffiti can be beautiful. To call this issue an epidemic, is somewhat of an overstatement. A predicament, conundrum,  concern, hindrance....sure, all fantastic ways to describe what is occurring in terms of the widespread disrespectful tagging. I know what many might be thinking right now, who am I to deem ones' work as disrespectful in comparison to others. To answer that question, enjoy some photos I took of NDG's fast spreading epidemic.


    Monday, October 3, 2011

    A little unexpected bed time story find... we roamed around Chapters on a cold and rainy afternoon, we stumbled upon this wonderfully hysterical/wildly inappropriate children's book titled "Go the Fuck to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach...I could not resit snapping a few shots...Here is a sneak peak to 2011s best selling children's book for adults.

    You can also listen to a reading of the whole story by none other than Samuel L. Jackson...enjoy :)


    Sunday, October 2, 2011

    Rice Crispy Clouds....yumm

    After a long day of rain, cold and assaulted parrapluies...we brightened our moods with a little OUTBURST...and some impromptu 'rice crispy cloud cupcakes' at 1:30 in the morning.
    All we had was cake mix, brown sugar, butter, and rice crispies. We were missing frosting for the cupcakes, and at 1:30 am, buying some was out of the question. Therefore we decided that caramel would make an excellent substitute for the frosting, boiling the butter and brown sugar to create it. The rice crispies simply topped off an already scrumptious concoction. Thanks Annie for the inspiration and creativity...