Saturday, November 24, 2012

Impromptu Christmas...

When you wake up on Saturday morning, at the perfect time (10:00am), ready for an exciting day off, filled with jogging, exploring and experiencing the 'winter wonderland' that London has gracefully set up in Hyde park...and all you see is grey and raindrops on your window...all excitement magically disappears. The day is then spent in an overall grouchy mood with little to no desire to do much of anything. UNTIL...T gets fed up with watching shows and doing nothing...
So, out we go, into the rain with our wellies, umbrella and semi positive attitudes. With one thing on our to do light bulbs as both the kitchen and hallway are in dire need.
We start discussing ideas of what to do...go out for dinner and complain about the weather together seems like the best idea...we just need the bulbs. 

With the local potential light bulb store closed we head off to Sainsbury's. A grocery store that strongly resembles a superstore as it sells everything that you might ever possibly need.

On our way in, my mood is automatically brightens as I spot little potted Christmas trees...
Shopping list starts to grow...and dinner plans start to change because nobody wants to look for a restaurant while carrying a tree.

1)Light bulbs

With light bulbs out of the way the fun begins...In the decorations aisle we come to a new dilemma...colour/theme...And after some serious deliberations:
2) 6 gold bells
3) 6 red bells 
4) white lights
5) tiny angel to sit on top...

Now dinner...All of a sudden being in Christmas spirit we decide to go traditional...Roast chicken, potatoes and what ever else we can think of.

6) full chicken

In the candy aisle...T realizes that he is no longer holding our giant a result we must have:

7) chocolate covered peanuts x2

No explanation needed for the next purchase:

8) Bottle of red

And we are done...just need to pick out the tree...

9) Tiny potted Christmas tree

All necessities for a perfect impromptu Christmas....minus 1 umbrella... :(

Chicken is stuffed and in the oven, tree is decorated and all is good...

Happy early Christmas everyone.



Friday, November 9, 2012

Too ambitious?...

So maybe I was somewhat too ambitious in setting a goal for ourselves of posting 12 times during the month of October. A decision that I took upon myself to enact upon the both of us (without previous consultation with V). We gave it a valiant effort, but still came up quite short with only a total of 6 posts. Only 50% of our target. But s 600% increase in posts from the previous month. The numbers don't lie.
We'd love to be able to spend our days planning and prepping posts, snapping shots, sketching incredible fashion pieces, writing wonderful stories, but there is simply not enough time in a day to find a quiet moment where blogging is our top priority. It quickly falls down the depth chart behind, eating, sleeping, watching our shows, and prepping for work. It's a shame but its true. An interesting solution to an increase in free time, that I've devised with the help of A (a mate who teaches at school with me) is to simply reduce the total number of hours in a day to 21. So those 3 hours per day multiplied by 7 days in a week will equal to an extra day with, you guessed it, 21 hours. So 8 days in a week, with each day having 21 hours. Now you're probably thinking to yourself "Well that doesn't make any sense at all, eventually we'd have sunshine during the night, and darkness during the day". And the way I see it is, if the Inuit and other folk that live above the arctic circle can do it, well maybe we to can do it. We'd then still work Monday to Friday, but we'd have slightly shorter work days (to allow us to do the rest of the things we need to do during the day, and we'd be able to enjoy a 3 day weekend. As for the name of the 3rd weekend day, let's call it, well-deservedsday (I'm very open to other suggestions as to what it should be named instead of my suggestion). Thanks.