Friday, March 23, 2012

Making hard

So I feel as though we should change our blog name to something along the lines of..."We only post when we take days off"...but obviously shorter and more catchy.
Yes its Friday, its beautiful out and I taught some pretty...lets leave it at 'difficult' kids yesterday so I decided that today would be my day off. I am therefore taking this opportunity to write/post...

I have a feeling that I am doing something wrong...T and I have a pretty awesome thing going right now...We work til 4pm everyday and then have the rest of the day off to do whatever we please...The only problem is that by 5:30 I am ready to pass actually, curl up on the couch and die...I can't say that the kids here are any different than the ones back home. The schools are great and teachers typically leave you with a full plan of what needs to get done...Really so far London teaching has proven to be quite a breeze...a supply teachers dream. So why am I soooo super tired when I get home??? I am working on solving this mystery, perhaps I just need more days off...That seems like the great solution for the time being.

Other than being tired...a lot...which sucks...everything else is amazing. The weather has been beautiful, flowers are blooming all over the city. Grocery stores/flower markets sell daffodil bunches for 1 pound. There are pink blossom trees on every street and people just seem generally happy. We have been really into the whole market scene...perhaps a little overdone and cliche, but in reality there are some really cool treasures to be found. Here are some snap shots from several different markets that we visited...

BIG NEWS...T and I finally moved into the most perfect apartment ever. We lucked out with our wonderful landlord who left us with her books, her paintings and her plants. Our little place is cozy, feels lived in and has a super comfy couch for anyone who is planning on visiting :).

That is it for now...I want to get some sun...Stay tuned for some pictures of our lovely home.



  1. ummmm....get me one of those rings !!!! 3rd row from the right, the light blue one or grey whatever it is. LOVED them.
    miss you !

  2. i just noticed they might be bracelets - even better ! haha