Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not having nothing better to do...

The phrase having nothing better to do is a wonderfully bitter paradox (a paradox in and of itself). It communicates to one that time is of no issue to you, and in fact it is somewhat of a nuisance. The paradox lies in the fact that when one has nothing but a schedule as clear as the calm ocean waters, complaints surface about having too much time on one's hands with nothing to occupy it with. On the other hand, when one is busy to point of perennial exhaustion come 10 pm almost every night, time becomes golden in terms of value. Enough time to do the things one wants to do, cannot seemingly be squeezed out of everyday.

After both myself and V have worked almost every weekday prior to the Easter break, it feels simply phenomenal to have enough time to spare to do the little things that are thrown by the wayside when time-cutting (akin to cost-cutting in financial circles) becomes essential. I'm not necessarily saying that this is what I want always (although right now it feels fantastic), but to know that during weeks of hectic scheduling and cramming things in, there lies small gems once in a while that allow us to indulge in the beautifully twisted paradox.


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