Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New challenge....

A couple of weeks of work, three separate "trips" in a span of two weeks, and a few more weeks of work later, and voila here we are.

Having this means of sharing information, opinions, and other ideas is wonderful when I have something that I want people to have access to, and where the 'who' doesn't really matter.

Both V and I have signed up to Instagram recently (after a long love-hate relationship with it), with some reluctance from my end. After a couple of days of fooling around with it, and exploring different editing options, it's actually pretty cool. I've given myself a goal of posting one picture everyday for an entire year. The topic is open ended, the only restriction I've attempted to impose on myself is to post an original photo as opposed to recycling shots. Where inspiration lacks I might through in an old shot that has not made it's way to the interwebs yet, but this will be a rarely used last resort.

My Instagram name is @tdamota (same as my twitter) in case one is wondering how to access said year long supply (to be) of pictures.


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