Friday, May 23, 2014

Recent Acquisitions

It has been two and a half years since my first instalment of Recent Acquisitions back in October of 2011. What better time than now to launch the second instalment! Between the first and second posts many an item has been acquired by none other than myself, although I won't overwhelm you with piles of "recently" acquired goods. Here are but a few things I've recently gotten my hands on;

1) CLARKS ORIGINALS Desert Boot-Green/Black

I picked up this pair of badass boots at Urban Outfitters during quite an enticing sale. I've been eyeing a pair of these for quite a while and it feels great to finally pick up a pair. Super comfy, these boots have been around for roughly 60 years. Looking forward to using them during the late summer/fall.

2) COLE HAAN Suede Dress Shoes-Camel

This pair was picked while thrift shopping in TO. Got them at a very sweet price-point. I've worn them for dressier occasions as well as with jeans and sock-less on warmer ocassions. A great pick up that will get a lot of use.

3) REEBOK Saku Koivu Canadiens Tee

Had to support my team (especially residing in Toronto). I found this NOS (New Old Stock) tee at a thrift shop in Toronto, and snapped it up super quickly. Go Habs Go!

4) DOCKERS Tapered/Skinny-Navy and Khaki

Got these at Urban Outfitters during the same shopping escapade as the boots. They were about 70% off the original price so I had to pick them up. The material is thick and sturdy, while still feeling fresh.

5) ZARA MAN Harem Pants-Black

Since London days, I've been looking for a sturdy pair of harem pants with pockets. These seem to do the trick except for the sturdy part, although they are super comfy and have a total of four pockets.


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