Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Official Holiday Drink...

At Starbucks, sort of a new home away from home for the last few month. It is warm (now)...the last time I was here (2 weeks ago) the AC was on full blast which did not mix well with the flooding and overbearing wind outside...Today however is different. Its cozy inside, Bob Marley just started playing, its a beautiful sunny day outside...Crisp.

Now I understand that Starbucks might not be the most interesting topic to write about, but I have to say that I am beyond words happy with the holiday drink options this year...well one drink in particular. Here is the story....

SO, November 1st rolled around and I had a sad realization...The pumpkin spiced latte would now no longer be on the menu and since that was my October drink and I was quite fond of it I was not happy...Now what was making me even more upset was the idea of those candy cane lattes that are usually on the menu for Christmas...or eggnog latte...lets just say I am NOT a fan.
BUT as I walked into our home away from home the first thing I read was "Latte au Caramel Brulee"...WHAT! AND IT HAS BURNT CARAMEL FLAKES ON TOP!! 
That is it...I have found my holiday drink. For all those who are for some reason hesitant to try it because it looks tooo good to be true...let me tell you, it is sweet...quite sweet...but if you have a few minutes to spare, get some whipped cream on it, sprinkle a crap load of those delish burnt caramel flakes on top and enjoy!
All in all I see it as the perfect winter drink minus the cliche of Christmas attached to it...Nobody actually wants to drink a latte with candy canes in it...

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  1. dammit...i ran into starbucks twice today and just got coffee..should of read this earlier!! sounds HEAVENLY!!