Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Wednesday

It's Wednesday...
It's snowing...the dog is sleeping, the house is quiet.
The fireplace is on...not real but the effect is still somewhat pleasant.
I just ranted on about my experiences as a teacher for over an hour
T is currently in the other room doing the same.
Planning to move to another continent has proven to be a long
and a lot more organized experience than I ever considered it would be...
The snow is not melting, it's finally white outside.
Nov. 30th...Would have been more appropriate, or I guess
fairytale like if it had happened on Dec.1...But I'll take today.
We have not written for a while. Life has been...well...slow more or less.

Hopefully something more exciting than the fact that it is snowing beautifully outside
will soon occur...
Until then the day currently consists off:

1) Interview with London Agency (check)
2)Write paper? (sooo don't want to)
3)Frolic in the snow!!
clearly in need of some inspiration. Maybe I will paint. Once my paper is done of course!
Also listening to this on repeat. Old school...pleasant, warm...sweet...



  1. Nush! I want to know what you're listening to! the link isn't there...its like a cruel joke :(

  2. i love elvis. Actually kinda missing the snow for xmas.
    Hope you get inspired :)

  3. thanks Mindy...working on it :)