Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Happening...

In a few hours....which when said out loud seems totally unreal...T and I will be on a plane. This plane will not be taking us on vaca...this plane will be taking us towards the next couple years of our lives...our lives away from home to a place that we will have to make home.
Neither of us ever planned/dreamed/desired to live in London, yet somehow I am sitting in my living room with packed suitcases surrounding me...all weighed by a handy dandy little suit case weighing tool! (Thnx neighbor)...getting ready, or what appears to be 'me getting ready' to move across the ocean to where people talk with awesome accents, where we will ride the tube and where we will be teaching little British youths...
Friends keep asking me if I am excited, ready, nervous...everyone looks at me with big open eyes telling me how amazing this adventure will be...and honestly I believe them because at the moment I feel as though I am in a weird meditative state where I actually have NO thoughts running through my head. I nod and smile and make concerned faces but realistically I have absolutely no clue what to expect. I can not picture our new lives...well I sort of can in terms of how I will eventually decorate our "flat", but that is as far as my thoughts have allowed me to go.
So thank you friends for the inspiration, excitement and enthusiasm that you have all shown us in the last few weeks...Thank you for coming over every night to say goodbye, thank you for sharing a billion bottles of vino and most of all thank you for being there for us.

T and I will be setting up a special calendar for visitation purposes so do please sign up as we believe in first come first served...We will also be looking for a place with ample amounts of floor space and will look into purchasing a blowup mattress :)...

Big warm hugs...a bientot



  1. I am so excited for you to embark on this journey! Safe flight and can't wait to visit!! Big big kisses!!

  2. Aah just hearing it laid out like that makes me all emotional and happy. I had a few of those 'I'm going to the unknown' moments 4 months ago and totally understand. Once you get settled in, it'll be greattt :)

    Safe flight !!!

    Miss you !