Monday, October 1, 2012

One Year...

No posts were put up in the month of September. An all time low for us. Never have we had a month pass us, whereby we didn't find the time or the inspiration to post. There are first times for everything.

It's been a year and a week (roughly) that we've been keeping our blog. Our way of sharing the impromptu affairs happening in our lives. Never did we necessarily imagine where life would take us, and as a direct result where it would take our blog as well. We've had the opportunity to visit five countries, and to call one of them our home. Meanwhile our more adventurous blog has made its way to the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania (or Australia); quite the traveler.

At times it hasn't been easy to post, blaming things like work, lack of inspiration or desire, and our obviously very busy social calendars. But posting has never felt like a chore, or a burden. It's always something that we look forward to when we get that little light-bulb upstairs going off. The anticipation of seeing how many people have viewed the post, and more interestingly from where they've viewed it always kept us going back for more. And despite the recent dip in posting frequency, our desire to share our everyday occurrences with those that care to take the time to read about them, is as alive as day one. We just don't quite have as much free time as day one.

But! With October 2011 being our most successful posting month in terms of sheer number of posts, I propose a simple challenge for both V and I; to match last October's output. A total of twelve posts. Cheers to our one year, and know that you can look forward to at least eleven more posts (hopefully).


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