Friday, December 2, 2011

Re-engaging Boys at School

Below is an interesting point of view dealing with the re-engagement of boys in elementary school. Ali Carr-Chellman makes some interesting observations in regards to zero tolerance policies, the lack of male teachers, and the use of meaningful and educational gaming within schools.

 Carr-Chellman seems to share a similar point of view as Barry Macdonald, an educator in his own right, who started a website called Mentoring Boys, dealing with raising and properly educating boys to become responsible young men. I have personally had the opportunity to attend his Boy Smarts workshop, and it was definitely an eye opening experience to say the least. Carr-Chellman touches upon some statistics that seem to be awfully unbalanced, which were also raised by Macdonald during his lecture.

I'll sign off on a positive note, with an entrepreneurial tech-savvy twelve year old, who started up an Apple App designing club at his school, after having created two apps of his own. Enjoy.

"If we re-engage boys in their learning they will leave elementary saying I am smart"
                                                                                               -Ali Carr-Chellman


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