Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Put a smile on your face...

It's amazing, the things that can cause someone to smile and laugh. It can be something as simple as a thought, a sight, spoken words. While drinking a coffee today, I saw a group of youngsters huddled around a novelty "Hurricane Simulator" at a local mall. As four of them crept in and put money into the machine, their remaining friends (spared of the viciousness of "hurricane" force winds), slammed the door shut and began smiling as those on the inside developed worried looks on their faces. As
the winds started to blow, everyone began laughing including those enduring the terror. Their laughter slowly attracted larger crowds, who they themselves could not contain their inner children and began smiling and laughing. In viewing this scene I could not help but laugh as well, topping off a nice morning.

Enjoy the video below, it will be a challenge not giving in to the infectious laughter of individuals on a Berlin subway.