Saturday, December 24, 2011

When nothing goes NOT do a driving exam...

So yesterday I failed my driving test....yes very sad news...I felt the same. But...I came home, cried a little, took a 6 hour nap, drank a bottle of wine, wallowed in my own self pity, went out...and now I'm feeling over it and ready to move on...

so here are a few tips that, after a lot of analyzing why on earth this happened to me (again...shhh) I started to realize and decided to jot down for those who are currently going, or have gone through this turmoil...(please tell me I'm NOT the only one!?)

Tip #1: When you are driving to your driving exam and you encounter not 1 but TWO major accidents that are blocking both major intersections surrounding your driving exam location, I suggest that you (unlike me) cancel your test and take it another day...just a thought that did not even ONCE cross my mind...this tip is #1 because not following this tip will leave you driving with a 1000000 other cars that are stuck, confused and scared...NOT a happy driving test atmosphere....if you did not follow this first tip...please continue reading.

Tip #2: This one is for those who did not follow Tip #1 and chose to regardless of the situation do their driving test. If you are driving with a nervous (and they are always nervous) instructor, do NOT test their reflexes, or how well they know how to not ever so slightly cross that horrid white line (where the people are supposed to walk). Your driving instructor will yell at you...loudly...and make the overall mood in the car SUPER unpleasant...

Tip #3: At this point you have not followed Tip # 1 or 2 and are stuck in an uncomfortable setting for at least the next 10 min, in a car that is usually super comfortable....So make the best of the situation. I do this by either talking to myself...out loud, ever so quietly hum x-mas tunes under my breath as I stick my head out and bite my tongue while making a right on a red light (this makes me nervous after living in MTL for so long)...really you can sing anything, since these are all seasonal tips...perhaps an awesome angry RnB tune would be great...or just repeat everything the nervous man beside you says....ex "at the next street make a left, make a left at the next street".... I would loudly respond "OK! At the next street MAKIN a left" and then continue to hum my x-mas tunes. This behavior will in fact lighten the mood if not for the both of you, at least for yourself.

Tip #4: Always have a bottle of wine ready for when you get home (regardless of the time of your test...mine was at 9:20 am)....This is important because the results could go both ways...That bottle of vino should be there either for celebration purposes (that is if you have nowhere to drive that I do not condone drinking and driving) or as a drink and cry yourself to sleep tool. Either way, this is an essential attribute to any driving exam...this might not be the first thing you think of, but this is why I am writing it out for is always important and drinking it is necessary and justifiable no matter what the circumstance (unless you are driving...anything...or flying get the point)

That is all I got for now...let me know if you have any helpful tips as I will be redoing my test in January.

Safe driving everyone...and no matter the result...just remember it could have been worse!

also...if you have not seen this
funny...and in a car...and talking to herself...enjoy.


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  1. I think that finishing off with Tracey is the icing on the cake for this post. Although, I feel there's one more important tip: Tip #5. If you see that your driving instructor failed the person he had immediately before you, and when you're immediate reaction to him walking up to the car is "ah fuck, I don't want him, this is going to go bad" that could be an indication that you should postpone to a further date, say January 16th? You'll kill it next time. But seriously, who crosses the white line, but parallel parks like they were born to do it?!