Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crazy, stupid, and most of all lovely

Crazy Stu: Go watch it
So we took the plunge, upon receiving some encouragement from our faithful followers (and after having stumbled upon a fantastic review), and decided to watch the film aptly entitled Crazy, Stupid, Love (further referred to as Crazy Stu, influenced by the movie ticket on the right).

After having viewed the movie (in its entirety) I can safely say that it is entertaining and worth watching. Whether or not it's worth it to spend 10-15$ on a ticket to watch it is entirely up to you.

Finally I have to give my praise and definite approval on how the two main male characters were dressed throughout the movie, as well as the quasi-wife.



  1. Chris and I watched it last night too! We thought it was very funny!-C.M

  2. Agreee on all fronts! Its worth it!

  3. By the way, I l*ved how dirty dancing was incorported in the movie =)

  4. Def a highlight of the movie...:)