Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love.....pretty much

When looking through a list of current movies on a Montreal cinema website, we stumbled across an unquestionable masterpiece so cleverly titled "Crazy Stupid Love". We hadn't heard much regarding the movie, therefore we decided to read some reviews to help sway our decision. One review in particular helped to cement our decision not to go see it:

"I pretty much like it. Not the best movie in my life, but I had a great time."
nudo_abc@ - first review
10.9.2011 - age: 26-35
Here's the trailer, we pretty much liked it, but clearly not enough to actually go see the movie. Consequently, we hope you have a great time.



  1. lol why sooo mean?! I'm def going to watch it!! and then tell you how wonderful it was in a colourful synopsis that will make you jelous!

  2. haha you find that review colorful? we found it hysterical! but do watch it...i secretly want to as well..shhhh

  3. my synopsis will be colourful! and.....I NEW it!

  4. corrections: *jealous

    my appologies

  5. FYI - I saw it in theatres 3 times - I adore that movie - my new fave rom-com by FAR. :)

  6. You see...if we read your review we would be watching it in theaters for the 3rd time...I kinda want to see it more and more...its convincing T....hmmmm