Thursday, October 6, 2011

Montreal's Graffiti Epidemic

 An article featured in Wednesday's Montreal Gazette described Montreal's Graffiti problem as an "epidemic". Although I will agree that there seems to be an underlying lack of respect (on the part of some taggers), for the most part graffiti can be beautiful. To call this issue an epidemic, is somewhat of an overstatement. A predicament, conundrum,  concern, hindrance....sure, all fantastic ways to describe what is occurring in terms of the widespread disrespectful tagging. I know what many might be thinking right now, who am I to deem ones' work as disrespectful in comparison to others. To answer that question, enjoy some photos I took of NDG's fast spreading epidemic.



  1. As a side note, I'd like to mention that all of these tags/murals have been "erased" (demolished, painted over, pressure washed, etc), except for the 4th and 7th pictures.

  2. It's horrible and ugly. Can I come to your place and do some "art" on your walls? What? No? Didn't think so...

    1. Horrible and ugly...sure according to you. Others might disagree. Plus,most of these pieces were on graffiti specific walls, or on abandoned buildings. Not saying it's right, but it definitely spices things up. I do think that simple scribbling and tagging on public spaces can be an eyesore. But if you take the time to appreciate, some graffiti can be beautiful. Thanks for reading.